Monday, November 14, 2005 ”While it is fifteen miles in the lobby, smoking and drinking to forget our galley, in fact, you’re all alone, man.

Monday, November 14, 2005 "While it is fifteen miles in the lobby, smoking and
drinking to forget our galley, in fact, you’re all alone, man. […] And then at school, asks each guy of cities: "You’re like what degree?" He’ll get you out, "I have a BEP, me!" […] There’s BEP how many millionaires? You’ll see the guidance counselor, she goes out to you: "I have a good plan for you. BEP made shoes" People, they expected me to walk? So she goes, "A Higher boiler?" Boilermaker, you think I’ll do anything with a cauldron? […] You know that two out of three have a gun in the cities, one in six has a shotgun and that few people know. ". These words are from 1998 and are Oxmo Pucino, a French rapper. Liberation had the good idea to read some texts of rap in recent years to find the signs of what is happening today. It’s called "The rappers had told and that’s fine. Read it, even (and especially) if you do not like rap … Learning to 14 years, "is the life sentence to pure implementation tasks," said Philippe Meirieu, in a text published on the Teaching and coffee included in an AFP dispatch. He recalled that "to leave school a child to 14 years is decide his fate at 12 or 13 years." ".It also discusses" conjugate renunciation of society, who gives some of his children without giving them the keys to the complex world in which we live and the renunciation of the students themselves …. It’s not rap but it is said anyway … ". Good Read … ————————— ——————- 14/11/05 Liberation the rappers had told Ten artists revisit their texts, often prescient in light of current events. Read more of the article "Why I break my neighbors car" "Lulu" was involved in the clashes in the district of Mirail, Toulouse. Read more of the article for its 18 Naboudou "invited" to leave the country Thanks to the support of his Parisian high school, the Ivorian orphan obtained a respite: his deportation is postponed to the end of the school year Read more in the article "violence is often the only mode of expression these neighborhoods "Met via our blog Vu (es) in Aulnay-sous-Bois, Serenade Chafik working in family planning in the city. And speaking of violence in everyday life, in families, in schools, against women. .. Read more of e Article Cities and the world by Maxim teen TRAVERT and Pierre THERME Maxime Travert is Lecturer at the IUFM Aix-Marseille. PierreTherme is a professor at the Faculty of Sports Science of Marseille. Building a be-all to break the young among us neighborhoods. […] understand and explain, but also consider how to try acting. How to open the space in which to build the identity markers? Switching between "between us" to "be together"? Two vectors seem unavoidable: ownership of a common culture and homogenization of experiences. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 14/11/05 Suburbs: the ways out of the crisis violence pockets persist in the provinces, especially in Lyon. The imprisonment of a policeman aroused the wrath of his colleagues. Read more of the article A new jihad according Islamist websites The "crossed police" and "France land of infidels" are attacked on the radicals Arabic forums. Read more of the article Urban violence: it is the State that caught fire by Guy Sorman The urban guerrilla engaged by the "suburban youth" is a testimony of more than the total disconnect between the company French as it has become and politicians as it does not change. The state in France, that is to say those who run it, manifests the past thirty years a remarkable autism that affects equally all parties: all of it is true, recruited in the same backwater defined by a few large Parisian schools. For Etatocratie, nothing changes and nothing should change because France is perfect as it is and as it was perfect. The design of the state, to manage the ways are immutable, defined in the thirteenth century, it is appropriate that society adapts. In the ideology of the state, there is a perfect model that the world envies us, the state above, the company down. The state sets the course, the company follows. This company is made up of individuals equal by definition. But since the 1980s, the state speaks in a vacuum and the queue society in a thousand different directions. Read more of the article Let’s help young people who want to get out! By Jacques Kossowski very serious events that shook the suburbs of our cities are testing the future of our country allow us today to the question of the efficiency of the city’s policies for over twenty years. If they have certainly made progress, particularly in the area of ??the living, it is clear that they have not been sufficient to prevent the dramatic riots we attend, and we are collectively victims. So what to do? an effort must be focused on those who, throughout the Hexagon, suburbs to the countryside, want to get out, despite adversity. It is imperative that the national education act especially for young people who demonstrate, through their academic results, a willingness and ability to succeed. As suggested by the Prime Minister, these students could receive the resources they need, thanks to a significant increase in the number of scholarships awarded and the proliferation of boarding schools of excellence. For my part, I am convinced that these boarding schools outside of their cities, would give them the opportunity to continue their education in optimal conditions. A bright child whose mother is unemployed and whose elder brother lives trafficking is in danger. On the contrary, if it comes out of this environment, the chances of success and integration become real. An exemplary system then starts up, the trafficker is marginalized instead of being valued, and social mobility becomes a reality. We believe in particular that the internship, designed positively, would be extremely useful for young girls who, besides the poisonous climate they experience, are subject to cultural constraints that often prevent them from achieve, even though they would have the capabilities. Read more of the article Suburbs: colonial trauma Building, to enable the implementation of the curfew, the law of 3 April 1955 which established the state of emergency at the beginning of the war in Algeria, the government highlighted the return of the repressed colonial. The trauma of the war in Algeria, long buried thanks to the boom years, carries havoc increasingly insidious in the French national consciousness. It manifests itself today with unprecedented violence since the riots Minguettes, Venissieux and Vaulx-en-Velin in July 1981. The children of North African immigration have not suffered so much disability language or membership Islam, who was awakened by reaction, a rapid and complete loss of cultural identity. The demise of family structures that framed them should have been offset by the teaching of the codes and values ??of their host society. The pity is that schools dominated by the ideology of those who fought the war in Algeria, have been quite widely paralyzed by guilt of colonial memory. Within an administration traumatized by the setbacks of the Algerian experience, it was believed in good faith that prevention is preferable to punishment, and that respect for vernacular practices would be a better integration tool that strict application of the principles Republicans. We wanted to avoid conflict. Today we harvest violence. […] Read the rest of the article —————————————- — Humanity of 14/11/05 No online ———————————- —————— Le Parisien on 14/11/05 (paying) "young people are expecting a strong gesture, not scoops" DESPITE 3300 arrests among the rioters, 2 652 placed in custody, 375 convictions with prison sentences and 107 juveniles incarcerated (none in Seine-Saint-Denis), the deterrent effect of this legal arsenal does not seem to deter … Read More of article "a high-risk period opens" are suburban youth in the process of returning the "social fracture" to Jacques Chirac like a boomerang? Gerard Mermet. It’s the least we can say … Read more of the article France moved into the suburbs crisis Eighteen days after the start of the riots that shook France, fever does not fall. While the government should now extend the state of emergency, nothing will be as before. And now ? Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– La Croix 14/11/05 Spain rejects school reform Several hundreds of thousands of parents, children, teachers and members of the Catholic clergy marched Saturday, November 12 in Madrid against the government’s plan Read more Article ———————————————- – 20 minutes from 14/11/05 the Parisian lawyers civics teachers over 300 Parisian lawyers have volunteered to teach courses in forty Parisian high schools and colleges. From the 6th to the end, more than 33,000 students in the capital and should receive in the coming months, in civics, a presentation of the French judicial system. Read more of the article Helping students to integrate schools Breaking the "glass ceiling". Many young people from immigrant backgrounds do not imagine pursue studies as they are able. Students from schools sponsor students enrolled in difficult areas, often from immigrant backgrounds to develop their ambition and confidence. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— West of France 14/11/05 EDITORIAL Integration, state of emergency the car lights decline. The Molotov cocktails are exhausted and Paris does not burn. Tensions in the suburbs know, at least, a break. Back to public order. It is hoped the results of the eighteenth night of urban violence. […] The crisis of the suburbs simmering for thirty years. It was long thought that the priority was to re-enter the buildings, destroying the "concentration camp bar." At school, we created the Zep, the priority education zones responsible for ensuring equal opportunities. The French model is believed to be safe ghettos. They forgot the effects of discrimination, "this poison for society," says Louis Schweitzer. This crisis has continued to grow to the point of seeing these French youths throw in a provocative violence, attacking both to themselves and society around them. They are folded over their group and their neighborhood, but have they finally pulled the ladder or they ask the contrary the company to keep its promises and to get out of an angry and nihilistic despair […] Read more Article ———————————————- — Le Monde 15/11/05 Suburbs: US media uncompromising coverage by the US media riots in France was intense and went crescendo before being supplanted by the terrorist attacks in Jordan. This was true both for TV news channels continuously as CNN, Fox News and MSNBC, CBS classics, ABC, NBC, major newspapers and magazines. On the news channels, dramatization and staging was spectacular as always and without shades. CNN US systematically opened its reports with the title "Paris burning" (Paris burns) on background images of burning cars. Fox News marked its difference in red letters "Muslim Riots" (Muslim riots) in front of a floating white blue red flag in the wind. Read more of the article Several associations criticize the extension of the state of emergency Several associations have expressed concern following the decision of the Cabinet, Monday, November 14, to extend three-month state of emergency in La France. Read more of the article left, an early mobilization After a few days of procrastination where, left, parties and associations were divided on how to oppose the government’s decision to establish the state of emergency, a call unit was to be published on Monday 14 November. The text signed by thirty organizations including the CGT, FSU, UNSA, the Solidarity Trade Union, the Union of Magistrates and Lawyers’ Union of France, the MRAP, the League of rights man (LDH), Attac, the CIPF, Gisti, PCF, Greens, Lutte Ouvriere, the Alternative (self-management) and MARS (left Republican), aims to be a first response against the bill introduced Monday Council of Ministers plans to extend the state of emergency for a period of three months. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur daily 14/11/05 "the government is preparing the insecurity of tomorrow" by Jean-Pierre Dubois, president of the League of Human Rights (LDH). Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————- selection in the 14/11/05 dispatches the SNES asks Robien a "Grenelle difficult schools" the first union of secondary schools, the Snes- FSU made public on Monday a letter to the Minister of Education, Gilles de Robien, asking him to arrange a "Grenelle difficult schools". Read more of the article Learning to 14 years: a "waiver" for Philippe Meirieu The pedagogue Philippe Meirieu estimated to fall to 14 early learning is akin to a "institutionalized denial" in a published forum Monday pedagogical coffee, a professional association of Education. Read more of the article Algerian Students expelled during the school year: protests in Le Havre Teachers, supported by the FSU union, CFDT and Sud, protested Monday against expulsion during the school year three Algerian students , along with their parents, who were in an irregular situation, are we learned a union source. Read more of the article Circular of Education on teaching slavery The Ministry of Education encourages teachers to emphasize the duty of memory on the slave trade, slavery and their abolition, beyond programs that address, in a circular published Monday in the Official Bulletin. Read more of the article targets schools of urban violence: "easy" and "self-destruction" Many schools have been targets of urban violence, for they are many public buildings and easy to attack, which also symbolize knowledge and the skills that many rioters consider to be private, according to the analysis of teacher union leaders. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- for more Indispensable teaching coffee VousNousIls the site (Section dispatches education AFP) the home teachers-education AFP dispatches on the site the Yahoo News website under education Published by Watrelot on Monday, November 14, 2005

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